The Story Behind Mexican in New England

Carolina Conchas

Hello! I am Carolina Conchas, Bachelor of Business Administration, originally from the city of Torreón, Coahuila, México.

Beautiful memories of traditional Mexican food

Since I was little, I have always acquired a taste for traditional gastronomy, because in Mexico it’s cooked with great flavor. Remember when my mother made very early breakfast, lunch and dinner, the home smelled of great flavor from dawn to dusk.

Unforgettable that rice pudding that my grandmother prepared every Sunday, visiting Grandma without having eaten a cup of rice pudding is as if you had not come to visit her. “Menudo” a traditional Mexican soup, my mom did every Sunday without fail, it was impregnated in my memory as a symbol of the weekend, “Menudo” synonymous of my Sundays. That first time that my mother taught me to knead the dough of flour tortillas, so much tradition and so many memories of my land that it’s impossible to forget and even more impossible not to feel proud and share these traditions.

I was born, raised and educated in the beautiful city of Torreón, Coahuila, a small city in northern Mexico, where northern traditions are grilled meats, corn and flour gorditas, burritos, greaves, carnitas tacos, lunches marinated, among many other delicacies.

In Mexico there is a great variety of versions of dishes, for example, the enchiladas are not the same in the north as in the south of Mexico, my favorites are those of Querétaro, a city in central Mexico that are prepared with potato chips and carrots with the same chili served with lettuce and cream, I still remember the first time I tried them in a street stall at the end of the * “Via Crucis” (Via Crusis) , that first trip I would make with the person who would become my husband and father of my three children.

Do you want to know more about me?

I did a truncated master’s degree in Administration and Senior Management which I could not complete due to the move to the United States. Cinephile, sweeter than salty, I love making desserts, more fast food than light, something athletic, I love doing crafts and I always learn everything, my 100% dedicated mom, now a blogger, youtuber, content creator and creator of websites.

Decorated these Christmas cookies as a donation to a church, They are beautiful right?.

Y que comience la aventura, tengo que confesar que Felipe (esposo y padre de mis hijos) tiene un gusto y un sabor por la gastronomía, sabores que se heredan desde una edad temprana. Juntos nos complementamos para crear nuevos sabores basados ​​en la comida tradicional, y nos encanta probar, reproducir y experimentar nuevos platos de cada región.

En 2016 nos mudamos al estado de Connecticut en los Estados Unidos . Diferentes culturas y costumbres, que con cada día que pasa nos enamoramos más de esta hermosa región de Nueva Inglaterra . Nos encanta pasear por los hermosos viñedos que le ofrece esta área, grandes montañas, picnics entre los bosques, vistas espectaculares, etc. No puede estar más enamorado de Nueva Inglaterra.

How was born Mexican in New England?

At my home in Connecticut, which is your home, we cook Mexicans every day. We love eating tacos, carne asada, enchiladas, gorditas, burros among many typical Mexican foods. Sometimes it is difficult for us because the distance from Connecticut – Mexico is more than 3000 km and finding typical Mexican ingredients is complicated, but not impossible, even if you can prepare delicious Mexican food. Sharing recipes from my grandmother, my mother and my aunts and because not even my mother-in-law led me to create a Mexican in New England, of course, with the approval of all of them.

When a foreigner tries his typical Mexican food or food that I have never tried, it fills me with great satisfaction.

What can you find on this page web?

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