Character Macarons 2

Macarons Character

Character or Themed macarons are more elaborate, they can be larger than a normal round macaron, it depends on the design. It contains a mixture of different colors and is hand painted.

$3.2 each

Minimum to order 10 macarons
Order 7 days in advance

10 character macarons = 3 flavors
11-21 character macarons = 4 flavors
22-31 character macarons = 5 flavors

32-42 character macarons = 5 flavors

In the notes, send your flavors according to the number of character macarons.

Check availability before ordering, send a text message to 860 826 93 22

No shipping / Pick up only
Pick up address: 236 Waterville Rd. Avon, Connecticut, US



Character macarons

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