Large Box Assorted Gourmet Cookies XMAS

These delicious gourmet cookies are perfect gift for your friends, family and coworkers. Beautifully packed in a white box and ribbon. No one can think of a better way to express their feelings with these flavorful and beautiful delicacies.

Sharing cookies is a time-honored holiday tradition. This beautiful gift box includes different Italian, Mexican and French truly delectable gourmet cookies.



VARIETY: Variety of flavors and cultures in a box of cookies, you will find Italian, Mexican flavors and delicate French macarons.

RICH TREAT: The pack consist of rich cookies of the highest quality, made using the best methods to deliver a rich aroma, crunchy texture and delicious taste.  In our recipes we use authentic Mexican cinnamon and dulce de leche.

SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE: These delicious cookies set is specially made to express your unconditional love and gratitude for your friends and family.
FREE FROM: The delicious cookies are free from preservative and are gluten free (Macarons).
CRUNCH AND SOFT: Cake flour gives this traditional and much loved cookie a softness with a touch of crunch.

Large box of assorted gourmet cookies with 5 or 6 spaces to fill

Number of cookies and variations:
1 Pack of 4 Chocolate Crinkle cookies
1 Pack of 8 Macarons Gluten Free (1 Flavor Orange – Ginger)
1 Pack of 7 Mexican Wedding cookies
1 Pack of 12 Orange butter cookies (Trees)
1 Pack of 11 Butter cookies with raspberry jam

1 Pack of 10 Gingerbread cookies

These products contain nuts and dairy.


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Instructions for making the cookie box:
1.- The price of the box starts at $0
2.- Add the ingredients (Pack of cookies of your choice)
3.- Large box you must fill 6 or 7 spaces in your box.
For example: Small box:

1 pack of 8 macarons

2 pack of 12 Butter Cookies

1 pack of 7 Mexican wedding cookies

2 pack of 11 Butter cookies with raspberry jam

4.- For mobile screen please SCROLL RIGHT for see more options.

5.- When your cookie package selection is ready, add to cart
6.- Finish the process with the payment.

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December 11
December 17
December 23


In stock

1 pack of 5 Chocolate Crinkle cookies


1 pack of 8 Macarons Gluten Free


1 pack of 4 Dulce de Leche and Mexican cinnamon sandwich


1 pack of 7 Mexican wedding cookies


1 pack of 12 Orange Butter cookies


1 pack of 11 Butter cookies with raspberry jam


1 Pack of 10 Gingerbread men cookies